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Training is weekly at the Waiau Pa School Events Centre. You are welcome to stay and watch, or you can drop off your child and pick them up at the end of their training session. Please note that if younger children are waiting for their sibling in an older grade to finish training, we are unable to provide supervision or take responsibility for them at this time.

For training, players need to wear/bring:

  • Any sports shorts/t-shirt

  • Basketball boots or sports shoes

  • Water bottle (really important!)


Please keep players personal basketballs at home, basketballs are provided for use during training and games.



Our programme is based on Kiwihoops by New Zealand Basketball, which helps players to develop skills in 4 fundamental areas:


Movement Skills - Agility, balance, coordination, running, jumping, sliding, sending object (passing), receiving object (catching), dribbling, landing, skipping. 


Thinking Skills - Enjoyment, confidence, concentration, goals, social support, competition management, commitment. 


Basketball Skills - Ball handling, dribbling, passing, catching, shooting, offence, defense. 


Life Skills - Leadership, responsibility, self-reliance, trust, communication, self-belief, teamwork, fair play.

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