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We have had some interest from parents and players about starting up a small academy for players wanting to pursue basketball more seriously. With our academy we aim to offer more targeted personal skill development. It is also a way for players to continue to develop in the off season and to train locally. These academy sessions are offered to Franklin Reps and High School players.

We are currently running trainings below. 

(All trainings and drills are based on skill development. Conditioning training is not a focus of the academy). 

Junior Academy (U11 Reps): Wednesdays 6.15-7.15am

Senior Academy (U13 Reps, High School Players): Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 6.15-7.15am

The program runs throughout the year and the coaching is provided by Coach Scott.

If you would like to know more, or would like sign up, contact Coach Scott -

Philosophy: We aim to provide the following

1. Learn and teach a professional work ethic

2. Teach commitment and professionalism

3. Teach balance between family, school and sport

4. Teach a philosophy of "Thinking" the game.

5. Teach Skills Execution - Properly and Quickly

6. Team play and the value of team culture.

7. Assist all players to find physical, mental balance on and off the court.

8. Prepare players for achievement. 

9. Encourage outside academy conditioning and fitness.

10. Prepare them for opportunities and help them make good choices.

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