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Beginner Coaching Course

Franklin Basketball is running a free beginners coaching course.

~Open to anyone wanting to learn more about the other side of the game we all love, we would like to get as many new coaches and help you develop. 

~Attendance at both courses required (if this is an issue due to other commitments let us know)

~Theory & practical components

Keep an eye on Franklin Basketball's website for the next Coaches Course


Coaches and Managers are the heroes of our sport. They are the ones who do the planning, organisation, hold trainings, run games, referee, encourage and support players through the seasons. We can't play this game without them. It can be a big job, but immensely rewarding. You can form a team when they are just year 1/2 and see them all through the ranks, right through to year 7/8. The growth of the players is awesome to watch and very fulfilling. 

WPCB Basketball provide all the resources for coaches and managers to just to the job. 

  • Coaching Information, FIBA Rules and Scoring information

  • Free Coaching Clinics and Courses

  • Coaching support from other WPCB Basketball Coaches

  • Training Equipment and use of facilities 

  • Team singlets and discounts on equipment and merchandise

  • Support with Musters and Trailing

  • Full club rules and guidelines, police checking and waivers etc.

  • Our treasurer handles all payments and subs.

  • Full Competition information and league info including Glory league.

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