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in 2016 we asked our kids what our area is known for and asked them what we should name our club. In the end it was named the Tide, thanks to the Manukau Tides that lap our shores in Clarks Beach and Waiau Beach. We love this name because it represents us. When the tide comes in. Nothing can stand in our way! "Go Tide!"


Referees are such an important part of the game as the game cannot take place without them! We work with Franklin Basketball to develop new referees for all levels of the game within our region as well as for Basketball New Zealand tournaments. If you would like to become a referee, please register your interest by emailing 

The process for new referees is:

  1. Take part in a Kiwi Hoops or Community Referee Course

  2. One term of training in our Primary/Intermediate leagues

  3. Achieve Level 1 Criteria to be able to be paid and be given a grey referee shirt & shorts

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